As the lead designer at Prove (Formerly Payfone) my position was to handle all design related aspects of the company. This also includes being the lead of the company wide redesign of a multi-million dollar premier brand. Using Adobe Illustrator and XD, I had the opportunity to design the companies new logo, website, style guide, and all brand and sales assets. Below are a few examples of different works I have created throughout my time at Prove.

01. Videos

02. Interactive Sales Demos

The trickiest part about selling API’s is that very hard for non-technical users to understand what your products are. We found that utilizing Figma to create and build interactive demos that demonstrate our API’s capabilities greatly impacted the success rate of our Sales Team. Depending on the client, I would design and build a white labeled or branded demo to help our team demonstrate our products to the potential clients.

This directly resulted in building a portfolio of
1,000+ enterprise customers, including 8 of the top 10 US banks.

Click the screens to try the demos below!

03. Landing Page Design and Development

Part of my role at Prove was to work alongside the Marketing Team to help with Marketing campaigns. I would be tasked with design, development and implementation of marketing assets such as landing pages and product pages. To accomplish this I would draft a design in Figma and then begin coding the design using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After the page was functional I would implement the page into Hubspot, so we were tracking analytics and leads that the Marketing team can use.

These efforts resulted in propelling the company to an increase in client acquisition and web traffic by 238%.

04. Lottie Animations