Have you ever walked into a bar only to realize that its a ghost town? Ever wanted to know that bar all your friends are at so you can show up and join in on the fun? Bar Hop is the perfect night on the town app! We show you all the bars in your immediate location that are the hot spots in real time! We break down every aspect of the bar scene so you know what you're getting yourself into before even walking through the door.

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Alert and Price Indicator : This is where users can see the average amount a person spends at this bar. The more dollar signs the more expensive things are such as drinks. The alerts indicator can be used to display deals and messages from the bar owners. Alerts such as "No cover charge" or "$2.00 off draft beers" can influence a user to choose a specific bar to visit on their night out.

Activity Monitor : The activity monitor is designated by the flame icons. Nobody likes to go out for a night on the town only to realize that nobody is there. The flame icons measure the amount of people at a specific location at any given time and displays it through this meter. The more lit flames there are the more people are at that current location.

Bar Indicator : The bar indicator helps the users to distinguish the type of bar the location is. Things such as "Club" or "Live Music" can be displayed here to help user decide on the specific type of experience they're looking for.

Friends : The friends feature helps users to see where everybody is. Users will have friends within the app and from here they can see if their friends are currently at any of your local bars. This is a really handy feature for meeting up with your friends on a Friday night when everybody is at different locations.

Scroll Buttons : When a user clicks into a bar to load more details, they can quickly scroll between the other bar selections by tapping on the two chevrons next to the bars name.

Alert Message : This is where the full alert message for that bar is displayed. This alert is pushed by the bar owner or who ever has privileges to push alerts. These alerts can range from drink deals to cover information or any details the bar wants to display for that night.

Bar Indicator : This is a redundancy information brought over from the home page so users still have access to this important information within the bar details menu. Like before, things such as "Club" or "Live Music" can be displayed here to help user decide on the specific type of experience they're looking for.

Instagram Link : Bars can have a linked Instagram so users can quickly see what the vibe of the location is and further check out pictures that have recently been posted at that location.

Activity Breakdown : This is a continuation from the home screens "Activity Monitor", here users will be able to see the breakdown of the activity on an hour to hour basis. The current hour is tracked live and recorded to be averaged for upcoming nights to predict what the crowd will be like on a particular day.

Average Age : Average age is the average of all BarHop users at the bar. This information is valuable to users who do not like being at bars with a crowd that is too young or too old.

Friends : Friends is a redundancy from the home page. This provides an easier to see and larger breakdown of your current friends at that specific location.

Rating : This is the rating of the bar that people have given it. The higher the rating the more user recommend it to each other.

Ratio : Ratio is the male to female ratio at the bar currently. Some users might prefer a bar that currently has a larger population of a certain gender. This is live tracked based on the current BarHop members at the bar.

App Interactions

Login Screen

The login screen will be displayed upon app launch. Logo animation will only play once to avoid distracting the user when signing in.

Hamburger Menu

Once logged in, the user will always have access to the hamburger menu. Here they will be able to quickly access their personal profile information. Lines of text sliding in from the left of the screen would need to be tested for user flow as it may hurt the user experience having to wait for these to slide in upon each opening of the hamburger menu.

Bar Profile Page

Each bar listed within the Bar Hop app will have its own profile page. Upon clicking the desired bar, the animations for the graph of popular times will "magically grow" before the user to draw attention towards this important information. The flashing yellow caution sign only appears when there is an active alert going on for that specific bar. These alerts will be things like a flash sale on drinks and other items on the menu. We want to draw attention to this particular feature because this is what will help bring people to using the Bar Hop app.

Wire Frames

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